Entry #4


2008-12-25 21:54:54 by Rayray213213

Hey people, all who notice that sometimes I seem different than other times, and that's because this account is run by two people, a 13 year old boy in the US, and a 21 year old woman in the UK.

Most of the time, I (Zach) is the one who is normally on, because Jordin is normally at work, and I am currently the only one of us who can produce animation, but once she can, we will note in out videos which one of us made it. If you have a PM sent to us, please leave the name of who the message is to in the title, so we don't go on reading each others mail.


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2008-12-26 07:06:06

LOL may i ask why you guys sharing one account?


2008-12-27 19:31:32

Why don't you just make another account.......